Rafał Martyniuk

Cost optimization

of logistics

About me

16 years of professional experience in all things supply chain gained at various organizational levels have made me an expert in logistics.

I have had the opportunity to lead or participate in optimization projects covering many areas of logistics with varied geographic scope. These experiences have informed my thorough understanding of logistics processes at every stage of the supply chain (from the process of warehouse order picking, among others, to the development and implementation of long-term logistics strategies).

The decision to establish Logiopts was driven by the desire to share my expertise in best practices. And so, I help companies enhance their organization as well as optimize and improve warehouse processes, transport processes, customer service, and their entire supply chains. In other words, my focus is finding weak spots (bottlenecks) and eliminating them. Consequently, I simplify particular processes and/or business areas and the results of my work can be seen immediately. The changes I introduce allow companies to reduce costs as well as improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

If you want to improve logistics in your company, let me analyze your logistics processes and detect bottlenecks that block your business and generate excessive costs.

I look forward to working with you!

Rafał Martyniuk

What I do:

Optimization projects involving logistics processes

I take a snapshot of the current situation and challenges in your business. Once I prepare the right solutions (improvements), we get together to schedule their implementation. The projects are aimed at eliminating redundant and ineffective activities that generate extra costs and work time.

Complete reorganization of supply chain

Logistics strategy and processes should be aligned with the company’s stage of development, business environment, and current market trends. After identifying the company’s business model and strategy, I draft a logistics strategy and adapt processes to make them consistent with other areas of the organization and its plans for development.


Training, workshops, consulting

The efficiency and effectiveness of each company depends on more than just well-organized processes. People with the right competencies are the key. That is why I work with my clients’ employees to improve their knowledge and skills. Additionally, I advise companies on how to introduce changes effectively.




ul. Tomasza Nocznickiego 23, 01-948 Warszawa
+48 506 155 611

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